The Jewish Georgian

An item in Lew Regenstein’s column

November / December 2008


Frank’s lovely mother, Shirlee, passed away

in October, but a few days earlier, they had

a great reception and art showing at Barbara

Archer Gallery in Inman Park featuring

Shirlee’s paintings, sculptures, and other


The gallery was filled with what Lisa

calls Shirlee’s bold and powerful watercolors,

etchings, and dynamic, hand-built

ceramics, and Shirlee’s original ceramic

masks. Their friend Brian Fulford called

the display Shirlee’s Temple.

Since Shirlee was in the final stages of

lung cancer, Lisa says, We didn’t know

until the last minute if Mom was strong

enough to be there. But thanks to neighbor

Leslie Okin, who delivered Shirlee to the

gallery in a wheelchair with portable oxygen,

Shirlee received a standing ovation

when she was wheeled in.

Some 35 pieces were sold, bringing in

$4,000. Lisa has dedicated the basement of

her Buckhead home to Shirlee’s art, which

she will be selling for years to come. To

make an appointment to see it, contact Lisa