Ceramic sculptures

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votive candle holder<br>3.5" wide x 7.5" high<br>$250 <em>Vase</em>, front<br>6" wide x 12" high<br>$300 <em>Vase</em>, back<br>6" wide x 12" high<br>$300
<em>Vase</em>, front<br>6" wide x 16" high<br>$400 <em>Vase</em>, back<br>6" wide x 16" high<br>$400 <em>Vase</em>, front<br>6.5" wide x 14" high<br>$400
<em>Vase</em>, back<br>6.5" wide x 14" high<br>$400 <em>Alligator dish</em> with melted glass bottom<br>10" wide x 3" high<br>$350 <em>Fu Lion</em><br>12" wide x 9" high<br>$900
<em>Fish</em><br>12" wide x 5" high<br>$400 <em>Two-headed ram</em><br>10" wide x 9.5" high<br>$700 <em>Vase</em>, front<br>4.5" wide x 13" high<br>$300
<em>Vase</em>, back<br>4.5" wide x 13" high<br>$300 <em>Large rolled vase</em><br>8.5" wide x 12.5" high<br><FONT COLOR=#d90d4d>SOLD</FONT> <em>Green rolled vase</em><br>5" wide x 10" high<br>$350
<em>Blue rolled vase</em><br>5" wide x 10" high<br>$250 <em>Blue bowl</em><br>7" wide x 5" high<br>$300 <em>Blue patterned vase</em><br>4.5" wide x 12" high<br>$700
<em>Large vase</em>, front<br>7.5" wide x  15" high<br>$400 <em>Large vase</em>, back<br>7.5" wide x 15" high<br>$400 <em>Nude holding fish</em><br>7" wide x 9.5" high<br>$500
<em>Mayan man jar</em><br>5.5" wide x 10" high<br>$700 Mayan Woman<br>11.5" tall<br>$350 <em>Fertility figures</em><br />$200 each
Cookie Platter<br>8" tall<br>$350 Vessel with face, side view<br>11" tall<br>$400 Vessel with face, close up<br>11" tall<br>$400
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