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Shirlee on TV!

Seven original works of art by Shirlee Frank will be on the permanent set of a new series - Halt & Catch Fire on AMC TV (creators of award-winning series Mad Men and Breaking Bad).

Set in the early '80s, it's a drama about the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy. (Think Jobs and Gates). The series is now in production around Atlanta. Special thanks to art scout Karen Gerbs. Stay tuned . . . This large watercolor is one of her selections.

Shirlee Frank's ceramic whistles and vessels were featured in a group show at the Swan Coach
House on the Atlanta History Center campus from June through August 6, 2011.
Enjoy this profile of the show's curator Marianne Lambert written by Shirlee's daughter Lisa Frank.

Curator Marianne Lambert
with artist James Jernigan

The Shirlee FRANK Experience on view at Sunrise Bank of Atlanta from December 2009 through
early March 2010 exposed her art to many new people. One of the bankers bought Shirlee’s
signature acrylic painting Cat Angel.

Happy Birthday from Sunrise Bank

One of Shirlee’s finest jumbo watercolors is the featured work of art on Sunrise Bank of Atlanta’s
2010 client birthday card – fourth in the series.

"You wouldn’t believe how many people tell me how much it means to receive a hand-signed, real
birthday card from their banker. People remember it," remarks bank president Charles H. Green.

In exchange for the one-time use of Orange horns, 40" x 26", Galleree Shirlee received 500 blank
note cards. Let us know if you can use some.

Two more watercolors were rented by Tyler Perry Productions for the hospital scene of
Why Did I Get Married Too. After Michael Jackson's death, shooting was postponed to
accommodate Janet. It moved from the Bahamas to ATL and Shirlee Frank's fish watercolors
had the right Bahamas look and feel. Here's one . . . .

The diner scene in Tyler Perry’s next feature film Why Did I Get Married Too
is filled with art by Shirlee Frank. Nineteen works of art - etchings, linoleum
cuts, watercolors and acrylic paintings - were selected by Shirlee Frank fan
Mary Stacy of Tyler Perry Studios. The film stars Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry
and Tasha Smith and opens in 2010.

Three Shirlee Frank masks and six whistles are now on view at the Beatrice Wood
Center for the Arts
in Ojai, California. For details, visit

In March 2009, Shirlee Frank had a one-woman show at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Her watercolors, large canvases, prints and ceramic masks
and whistles were featured.

Shirlee Frank’s whistles, ceramic sculptures and a large selection of prints were
available at the Hummingbird Gallery in Dahlonega, Georgia for several years.
Unfortunately, the gallery is now closed. Thanks for your support, Hummingbird.
For details, visit

Three Shirlee Frank watercolors are in the collection at Intown Acupuncture Center
in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur, GA. For details, visit

The sounds of two Shirlee Frank whistles and her rain stick are featured in the song
Creation by Atlanta group Black and White District on their new CD Corner of Love
and Third

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