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Now that you’ve seen some of Shirlee Frank’s art
on the screen, we invite you to visit Galleree Shirlee
in person if you’re in Atlanta. There’s even more
original art in every medium not shown on the website.

We’re also happy to ship art if you would like to purchase something from viewing it online. Let’s talk about it.
Galleree Shirlee is open by appointment.

Lisa Frank

What you’re saying about Shirlee Frank

That was such a great opening at Sunrise Bank last night. At least four people (non-employees) told me they thought it was the best show they'd seen at Sunrise and I have to agree.
Wow. Your mother did great stuff.  I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a true blessing to have left behind such a tremendous legacy. We all should be so lucky. The video was wonderful. I'm a little verklempt now.
I have to say that I like the whistles in person even more than seeing them on the website! I would like to buy two more now....can you believe it? I just wish I could have told your mother in person how much I like her work.
The painting is magnificent framed. And very large! I think it will go in the dining room, although I need to move other paintings in order to hang it.
I have meant to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing this link to your mother's art! I have toured the website on several occasions, each time has offered its own rewards.
Oh, my gosh. Your mother was phenomenal. I would expect to see work of this caliber in a famous museum. How truly gifted she was. Thank you for letting me see her work.
Thanks for sharing this with me. I greatly enjoyed looking at your mom's work. She had terrific range and spirit. The web site is great! I'm certain that the art is even more dynamic in person!
What a great way to honor your mother by spreading your joy around.
Wow, your Mom’s work is a knockout…Lady Picasso?
What a talent! AND what a MOM! I'm honored to have known her and I hope Galleree Shirlee is a big success!
Have I told you how much I like the website of your mother's artwork? Seeing it again made me really want some. Several of the pieces are crying out to me and I've been looking for the money to make a commitment. The prices are REALLY great--for the buyer.
What a beautiful website you’ve made! Your mother’s art is gorgeous and resonates on so many levels. How talented she was! You must be very proud of her and her art.
I’m so glad that you sent me the link to the beautiful website you created for your Mom’s work. I was actually blown away by the depth and quality of her work (and her imagination). What talent! There are some etchings that I am particularly attracted to. When the economy picks up, I’d like to consider purchasing one. How wonderful that you have this collection of her artwork to constantly keep her close to you.
My Aunt Shirlee's art adds vibrancy to my home - from whistles to prints to an original watercolor, many with the theme of fish.  Her work is powerful and beautiful both.  I especially treasure an early ceramic mermaid she gave me, and a recently acquired warm-toned watercolor of a mermaid communing with fish.
We are so pleased with our new Shirlee Frank art. The whistles are on our mantle and make us smile every time we pass them. We'll find spots for the other pieces soon. In the future, I’d love to have a few more whistles to span the mantle.
Are all the large watercolors in the Phoenix and Dragon show? My husband loves the one I have so much, he wants one for his office.
I wish we had more wall space in our home for more of your mother’s beautiful work. For the time being, eight seem to be enough!
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